Manga 漫画 Feat. GEHRMAN (Prod. By C Y G N)

Published by Dion Dugas


VERSE i Fading Laying in my bed Tend to turn to me dazing Running out of sleep When I see how we're changing Words never reach What the fuck are you saying Wanting me to leave All I see Is a place Just to kick it on a sofa Tell me where you're at Why you're focused on a loser I've been in the back Losing track Are you bruising Heart turned to stone Am I staring at a human Tell me you're okay Promise you're going to stay I don't feel okay I might make a way Lost and all alone Wrote it in a song Hoping all my premonitions Turning to be wrong Fading Laying in my bed Tend to turn to me dazing Running out of sleep when I see how we- VERSE ii (GEHRMAN) Feeling like an oracle, Thinking bout how i once was, Ducking from reality enter portals and tundras, Made my shoulder colder, Got ice, guns, and butta, Resurrected in the swamp but never left the jungle, I used to pray like every day, I thought god had my voice, I wanted to be everything as if i had a choice, But at least i aint end up dead gamer back like the worst thing, Fuck my friends and family this love shit im rehearsing, I guess thats why nobody comes around a lot, Sometimes i be thinking im better off dead, I dont drown myself in these substances, But ill substitute a good heart for this lead one, Every single time i try and ask myself, Should i lay in this mess or make up the bed, Should i drown myself deep in these substances, Jump down the rabbit hole till im seeing red. Download for free on The Artist Union #audio

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