B a c k A t I t (ɔˆ ³ ( ˆ ⌣ ˆc)

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I would like to thank the fam from LA and North Hollywood for spreading the word of my last post! Greatly appreciated. Shout out to Kevin Park for the spread, Denver Aquino for the motivation, Aimie Nguyen for the yknow #promo and feed op, and the rest of the skype crewww. this one was a long time coming, glad to let you guys hear it finally. i really enjoyed the feedback I got initially. bpm switches from 130 to 154 then down to 124. 大変お待たせしました、翻訳すれば私は「彼女の」と申します!こちらは最近完成した曲です。曲名は「遷移」です。これは、「どこを探していても、きっとみつかれないサンプル」が使用されてます。 #audio #thank you so much my loves #Chill #Trap #Bounce #fam #cj #senpai

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