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First of all, shout out to @zoe.pkrny for reminding me that this song was still on my feed. LOL thank you so much no i can #Repost. welp Here it is again! :D Rap: JR ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ L Y R I C S ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ (verse 1) got me up all night, drinking this liquor, stupid I know all the things that we’ve been through, I’m trying to get through, moving on slow my head above the waters, it’s harder than it seems and I can’t take it any longer, I’m starting to feel weak it’s been weeks since I last saw you, I should’ve tried but didn’t bother ego got the best of me but I should be a lot stronger I’m trying to move onward, ’cause it’s no longer now I don’t got her, I keep thinkin ’bout I should’ve called her and stopped her from drifting away seconds to days, regretting mistakes I’m missing your face and when you would laugh memories we had but it’s in the past I wish it’d be reversed, I’d give you everything you deserve life’s becoming a blur, love is something you can’t reimburse swimming in the deep end, reality’s starting to seep in there’s nothing like us, you’re the one I wanted to be with there’s no one I can relate to and life’s becoming a plateful the love is gone and maybe it’d be easier to hate you (chorus) you say that you don’t care, you don’t wanna deal with me you pushed me away but baby I’m not your enemy I don’t wanna go there, I hate when you pressure me ’cause baby one day I won’t have any more energy I’m sorry for all the fights and all of the lonely nights but everything you’re doing to me ain’t right I’m sorry we fell apart, can we just go back to the start I hate how we’ve been, this isn’t who we are, who we are no (verse 2) I’m chasing after a soul I feel like I sold, where did it go I should’ve played my role, keep it controlled, where did I go I can’t find myself I’m living so lost and where is my cause I’m trying to do well this love doesn’t cost but I’m so exhausted please take the pain away, nothing could save the day I can’t complain, I need to make a change and I tried erasing your name away how does a love so amazing just fade away It’s been overdue for awhile I should hit you up and see what’s been up, how you doing right now ’cause I’ve been missing that beautiful smile what am I doing, I should keep moving damn, why am I looking back I need to relax, leave it in the past damn, what am I looking at it’s so annoying, I can’t control it, thinking ’bout us, like drinking a poison it’s really killing me, how should I deal with it, trying to be real with it, it’s really pointless it’s really pointless, stop moping about it, stop being a bitch get back to my focus, stop being hopeless, start being open, go out and live there’s no one I can relate to, how did I get so hateful the love is gone, the love is gone, it’s easier to hate you (chorus) (bridge) I promised myself I would never give in but here I am missing it all, wishing it didn’t have to end no and you should know, wherever I go I’m reminded of us and what we had I gave you

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