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Durham, United States
Last online: 8 months ago
• Featured in Seeds of Kindness 3: A Beautiful Heart, Ponies at Dawn: Crystal Skies, and Ministry of Brony: Session 1 • Runner up for the Brony Aerospace theme song contest, along with Silva Hound and Noah Kriska Legit Description: Hiya guys! Alez Android's my name and music's my game! I'm a sixteen year old hobbyist from North Carolina, USA. I sell all my albums on my Bandcamp page, and I'm trying to get more publicity so I can maybe go big one day. I normally compose house music, but I've experimented with moombahcore, electro, and dubstep as well. I'm always open for collaborations, and, while I won't give away my darkest secrets, I'm always happy to help out anybody that needs advice or help! 25 Followers - Check 50 Followers - Yup 75 Followers - Aw yeah! 100 Followers - YUS 125 Followers - ??? 150 Followers - I will never get here.