DJ Alez Android - Rainbow Dash

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Credit for the background image on the song artwork goes to -rainbow dash- on deviant art, the font was implicated by me.
 While "Rainbow Dash" wasn't my first song that I made in GarageBand, it is the first song that I seriously considered putting on an album, or that inspired me to become a producer. By the way, Rainbow Dash is not my favorite pony, but when I made the song, the style and tempo fit her style. I made this in the GarageBand app on my iPhone.
 This is my first upload. As I explained on my profile page, it's really hard to make good dubstep, so if you wanna call this dubstep, fine. For the sake of my reputation on Soundcloud, I'm calling it electro/house music. Believe it or not, I made this on my iPhone, ten minutes every day, for about two months. By the way, while I'm here, I'll just say that I am a iMovie genius, and I've made some excellent PMVs (pony music videos), so if you're looking for someone to make you a PMV, shoot me an email ( and I'd be more than happy to make another epic PMV for another epic song!
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 In other words, feel free to share my music, but make sure you stick my name on the blog post, or somewhere where you share it! #audio #Chiptune

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