DJ Alez Android - Rainstorm

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The inspiration for this song came from a rather bad experience, actually. The week before wrote this, I was backpacking in Western Virginia, and we were camped on top of the second tallest mountain in the state, which, by the way, is notorious for bad weather. And all of us, being "survivalists," had nothing but tarps to sleep under, not tents. Of course, we got a massive thunderstorm, and we all got soaked. Then, that night the temperature hit 42 degrees, so we all froze to death as well. So, the inspiration for this song was the experience of shivering under a tarp in a wet sleeping bag. Terrible. ************************************************************************* « By sharing and distributing this music, you agree to the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License that applies to this track. For more info, visit . » In other words, feel free to share my music, but make sure you stick my name on the blog post, or somewhere where you share it! #audio #Chill

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