Dannon Black
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Santa Cruz, United States
Last online: 2 years ago

If you like some Filthy A** Electro House and Dubstep then Listen to this.

I have been Djing since around October 2009.
I have been working mainly with Filthy Electro House this entire time until this past year when i really started getting into Dubstep.
I love Electro House with all my heart, but those chunky ass grime induced basslines that feel like they are tearing your limbs off that Dubstep puts out is just hard to beat! the only problem is the fact that the beat in most Dubstep songs are so off and skewed sometime, it makes it hard to mix, and hard to deal with too.
And the fact that its bringing an entirely different crowd to the rave scene, a crowd that, quite frankly, I do not enjoy being around…such haters sometimes.
What happened to Drum N’ Bass!?
What happened to all the House?!!
Or even the Happy Freaking HARDCORE!!!

I remember when it was called a “RAVE”
Most people get mad when I call it that, and say something like, “No man, this ain’t a rave its a party. I don’t go to RAVES.”
But wait, are we not experiencing loud ass bass and most of the time awesome lasers and lights??
Couldn’t we be experiencing a
R: Radical
A: Audio
V: Visual
E: Experience ?

That is why what my mission is in all of this madness, is I am taking Electro House, Dubstep AND Drum N’ Bass…and putting them together as one!
Its a sketchy concept, but it is so fun! The way I am doing it makes it easier for the “DUB Heads” to deal with cuz they got some of those filthy wobbles, while at the same time try and teach Em’ a thing or two about some old school “RAVE” music. And for those of you who love shit that youd hear in the good ol’ “PLUR” days, like Electro House and Drum N’ Bass maybe even some hardcore, but are really diggin some of those wobbles and filthy ass beats your hearing these days, then you will definately get a kick out of this too; because theres lots of songs that you can ACTUALLY dance too! :)

Seriously, theres a lot more to music than just a heavy ass basseline and LFO changes…and I think there’s a lot more to Djing than just throwing down the next BIG bass induced hit; I think of it as I’m trying to send you through a journey. I’ll take you up and down with feeling and meaning, with genres that youv’e either always wanted together, or never even thought it possible.
It is definitely the type of music you’d want to burn to a Cd and blast in your car on a long drive…And then after that, bump it at your next house party!

Oh…and don’t worry about turning the volume way up, I do sound balancing on these mixes as to not completely BLOW your speakers from a stupidly random spike in volume. =^_^=

So if you like the tunes I put up, subscribe to it, leave a comment, show your friends, be a follower, and most importantly enjoy the music. :)

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