The Boston Triangle

Published by Kunsulent/DJ Rdgivning Kim Koch

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Description of The Boston Triangle in the link below: About the Songs: First track is a Wolf + Lamb remix and I only have one question, " Can you sit still? ". Track two is by an artist or artists by the name dedication. Dedication to Michael I think. Death from above, is their logo a lightning or purely drawn joint upside down? Number three is that Adesse. His first " hit " Pressured (Make love in public places 01) I thought was made by Soul Clap at first. What do you think? " Can I have you're adresse " Fourth song is by an artist called Beatfanatic. The song title loosely translated means calling Earth. And I think the lyrics are swedish? Five. If memory serves me right this is connected with Kid Creole. During the nineties it seemed that he played in Copenhagen all the time. I could be wrong about both. Six is a song on the Tommy Boy imprint. Back in the day the innerslleves on their records was also a membership formula. Back then you had to send cash by mail and hope for the best, to join the fan club. This is one of the most important labels to me when it comes to New York labels. Some thirty years later I discovered another NY label called Wolf + Lamb. Seven is called play the game by Twillight in a Kon remix and Caserta mixdown. This song I played a lot this year and I've already used it in a couple of other mixes. Kon did another remix for the same artist which I also played a lot mixed with Papa Legba by Talking Heads. Eight is by another Bostonian, Bosq. Who's music I also play all the time. Especially his latest ep Tumbala on Soul Clap records. Thanks for the inspiration through your music. Nine is by a band called Insalar with Baris K. This weird piece of music was recommented to me by Pillow Talk's Facebook page. I used five minutes to mix in the next song in the mix. Ten is Hey Boy by Nicolas Jaar on Wolf + Lamb black label. This one was called blue edits though. First time I heard this song was in a Bamboozle mix on BIS. It would take me a very long time to describe the importance of this influence, all I can say is that it was one of those life changing moments, thanks Eli and the Crew Lovers. 11. Heartbeat in the Larry Levan remix. In the first draft of this mix I only used a sample of this song. Then I recorded the last part of the mix a little different and with two new songs. Levan is will known for his residency at the Paradise Garage which was started by a close friend of Mel Cheren. West End Records. 12. Kon edit of the song Heaven by Matthew Larkin on the first Kon/Amir compilation. For the first time in two years in was going record shopping online. And I saw that the third Kon/Amir compilation is out on cassette. Instead I bought the new Kon version of All over my face on the label West End. The founder of this label did his own first record shopping in Boston. In that light it seems only fair that it was mixed again by anoth

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