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Los Angeles, United States
Last online: 6 months ago
dj eMpTy — out of North Hollywood, CA—has been lurking around the Southern California scene instilling elements of punk, electronic and hip hop influences into his beats, mixes and mash-ups. dj eMpTy has rocked countless clubs and dance floors around Southern California as well as deejaying for a number of hip hop acts (Tabernacle MCz, Del Rio, Mista Perkins, Hornz and Halos, David Ruffin Jr, X2, Radio Traffic). During the year of 2010, he toured the United States with Win Win Global artists X2, Mista Perkins, and Radio Traffic. Shortly after leaving Radio Traffic and record label Win Win Global, dj eMpTy began working on his first album entitled "Demonology vol .1" and shortly after that released album number 2, entitled "Intake." dj eMpTy has also had music placed in Tyler Perry's Good Deeds, The Single Wives Club and Madea's Witness Protection DEMONOLOGY vol.1 NOW on iTUNES! http://itunes.apple.com/us/album/demonology-vol.-1/id553363820 INTAKE on BandCamp http://djempty.bandcamp.com/album/intake One half of RCKLSSABNDN.
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