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GLZ is back in this bone-chilling electronic-rap track that has been in the works for over two months. The cold string and piano riffs are backed by several powerful drum beats and reverse effects. GLZ designates this song to all of the people who have ever told him that he would not make it, and that he should give up on his music goals, as a promise to prove them all wrong and become something great. "Prodigy," is also dedicated to all the people who have ever been told that they cannot do something, as a message that anyone can do and be anything they want to, and should not let others hold them back. Available for free digital download via the sound-loader app or through direct email distribution at All instrumentals and lyrics in this track are the sole property of GLZ, excluding the featured speech from John F. Kennedy, and should only be used with explicit permission from GLZ. If used, credit to GLZ must be directly and clearly stated in the track title, artwork and/or artist section of the track details. #audio #Hip Hop #Rap #Electronic #Heavy #House #Synth #Synthesizer #Piano #Drums #Beat #New #Wave #Dark #Deep #Violin #Strings #Ambient #JFK #Speech #Dubstep #Dub

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