Leon Erickson
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Houston, United States
Last online: 7 months ago
Contact: krazylilleon@Gmail.com (Remixes, Colabs ect..) I am i 16 year old Aboriginal DJ/Producer. I started producing when i was 14, then started DJing when 1 year ago. i produce all kinds of Electronic music. I started producing to sober up, then started making a promotion group, called T.E.A.M Project Productions. this group was founded by me, and my buddy Travis Hebert, I started T.E.A.M Pro. to help other youth go through what i went trough. not to long after this me and my brother started a DJ duo group called "BASSHEADZ". we have played multiple shows, our first was a local dance, second was at The famous Orpheum our third was at a music festival in Smithers B.C and were interviewed for a regional magazine (Northern British Columbia) have been currently been working on a few projects.

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