Victor Cedeno
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Jersey City, United States
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Victor Cedeno, also known as DJ Morenito is a Latin- aspiring Dj and producer. Born in Ecuador but raised in Brooklyn , New York Until his teenage years. Began experimenting the art of Disco-logy and blending at the age of 15 with his uncles CD- player counsel. Once he turned 18 he started considering the music entertainment as more than a hobby and made it his lifestyle. Due to his Latin background and American adapted culture DJ Morenito love for music has expanded to all different genres of music from bachata and salsa to edm and hip hop and more. In his rookie years as a performing DJ, what DJ Morenito loved the most was the amazing vibe and reactions from his audience due to his seemless blends and transitions. Now with more than 5 years of experience under his belt, his love for DJing has gone far past just perfecting his blend, but into also creating his own remixes using softwareS such as ableton live , studio one and more. Dj Morenito was asked , after all these years has your love for this lifestyle changed? His response was simply ,yes. “WHAT I LOVE THE MOST IS THE AUDIENCES REACTION NOT TO THE BLENDS ITS SELF BUT TO THE REMIXES I’VE CREATED BY MYSELF.”

instagram: @vinylvic
twitter: @vinylvic

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