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hello everyone i'm DJ REVERSEDSKIES and this is my new track called: Transation. I worked about 5 hours on this track, i was looking through the presets of a vst plugin that i have and i came across some nice sounding presets so i started making a track. This whole track is made with just one plugin, even the kick, clap, snare and hihat are from that plugin XD It's more ambient/chillstep like. I hope you guys like it :) If you like it than please leave a like and subscribe if you want. Feedback is also greatly appreciated :) Anyway, i hope you guys like my new track. Here is a link to download this track :) If you have a question then you can send me a e-mail at: You can also follow me on facebook now: Or you can check out my Soundcloud page: Or you can check my Youtube page And here is my website: The image that i used in this video is from this website, i was looking on google and found this and i just really really liked it so i chose this as the image for this song :) Just scroll down a little and you'll see it. I must say, i find it really unfortunate that the image is this resolution, i would have loved to see this iamge at a resolution of something like 1280x720 or something. !DISCLAMER! I do not take any credit for this image, all rights belong to the respectice owner. #audio #electronic music #ambient #music #chillste #music #electronic #audio

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