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hellow guys, DJ REVERSEDSKIES here. (Edit) The quality is low again, i'm sorry for this but i don't know what to do about it, not yet at least. You can listen to a "better-quality" version here, you can also download this demo there if you want to. This is a trance track that i am currently working on, i never had a project for a trance track that got farther then the intro or the drop except for this one now so i'll be working on this for a while since trance is still one of my favorite genres :) I still have quite a long way to go before this is finished because the mastering on this is pretty sloppy at the moment, there is some unwanted sidechaining and i still have to make the breakdown, a better intro, improve the verse, improve the build up and get an outro for this track as well. Well, i hope this will turn out good, i'm gonna leave most of this as it is in terms of the chrods and stuff so if you like those then don't worry too much :) Also, if you have a suggestion for a title then leave a comment, i have a hard time thinking of titles these days so any help would be appreciated XD. Also, if i get at least a few title suggestions then i will make this track free to download when it's out :). Feedback is also greatly appreciated :) If you have a question then you can send me a e-mail at: You can also follow me on facebook now: Or you can check out my Soundcloud page: Or you can check my Youtube page And here is my website: #audio #Trance #electronic #music #music #audio #electronic

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