TRVP CANNONZ V 2.5 Premaster

Published by DJ SeanLogic

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TRVP CANNONZ_v_2.5 New #trap wip...I'm up to version 2.5...Made some more tweaks to arrangement, mastering and my #ableton workflow. Produced using #serum, #nexus2 #VSTS & the #maschine & #mpk25. Version Notes: - Sound design still improving as I learn Serum and Nexus2 - Arrangement complete. Had to call it there. Maybe some more fills etc - Iterative mastering process helped. Still abit muddy in spots but I will find those frequencies and tame them :) General Notes: - Drank considerably more Stella before this session - Still finding room for the growlies in the mix... - Had issues with the riser effects with midi transposition effecting notes later in the track. Pissed me off for a bit...but hacked around it. - Added a few more fills but still need to clean up some breaks and deal with some random sound issues - Added builds, kinda repeated them but...its better lol :) #ProgressNotPerfection #audio #Trap #TRAP #EDM #ELECTRONIC

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