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DMNDZ - TRVP GOLD IS OUT NOW! BUY THIS TRACK ON: BEATPORT - https://www.twine.fm/signin ITUNES - https://www.twine.fm/signin Follow DMNDZ on Soundcloud: @DMNDZ Follow BeatMagik on Twitter.com: twitter.com/ibeatmagik Follow DJ Al One on Twitter.com: twitter.com/dj_al_one Follow DMNDZ on Facebook.com: facebook.com/DMNDZMUZIK WWW.DMNDZ.COM All tracks mastered at Diamond Style Records. Epic rolling basses, rhythmical, heart-breaking synthesizers, dizzy drum lines - it's TRVP GOLD. Pour favourite violet drink in your plastic glass, smoke deep tight your favourite smoke, move the glasses on your eyes and swing your head in a step of this music. It's a death in a TRVP, son! Elementary Muzik on Facebook: www.facebook.com/ElementaryMuzik Elementary Muzik on Twitter: www.twitter.com/ElementaryMuzik Elementary Muzik on Youtube: www.youtube.com/ElementaryMuzik Elementary Muzik on Soundcloud: Elementary Muzik www.ElementaryMuzik.com #audio #TRAP #TRAP #TRVP #MUZIK #ELEMENTARY #ELECTRONIC

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