[OUT NOW!] DMNDZ - FREVK (Original Mix) CUT


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DMNDZ - FREVK [SINGLE] IS OUT NOW! RELEASE: 11th MARCH, 2013 YOU CAN LISTEN/BUY IT HERE - https://www.twine.fm/signin Tracklist: 1. FREVK (Original Mix) Follow DMNDZ on Soundcloud: @DMNDZ Follow BeatMagik on Twitter.com: twitter.com/ibeatmagik Follow DJ Al One on Twitter.com: twitter.com/dj_al_one Follow DMNDZ on Twitter.com: twitter.com/dmndzmuzik Follow DMNDZ on Facebook.com: facebook.com/DMNDZMUZIK WWW.DMNDZ.COM All tracks mastered at Diamond Style Records. Dope trap anthem for crazy parties, places where the real madness. Where people doing crazy things! Where everyone is ready to come off at 100 percent! And someone would not mind meeting your girlfriend, so be careful - better cuff your chick, man! This is realy MADNESS. Elementary Muzik on Facebook: www.facebook.com/ElementaryMuzik Elementary Muzik on Twitter: www.twitter.com/ElementaryMuzik Elementary Muzik on Youtube: www.youtube.com/ElementaryMuzik Elementary Muzik on Soundcloud: @ElementaryMuzik www.ElementaryMuzik.com #audio #TRAP #TRAP #TRVP #DMNDZ #ELEMENTARY #MUZIK #FREVK #FREAK #RUSSIAN #BEATMAGIK #DJ #AL #ONE

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