When I see you (Dedication to Dante Daniel Warren 1 year memorial)

Published by DaLomonze Warren

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1 year memorial to the disappearance and then loss of his brother, DaLomonze composed and produced a song that captures the feeling of a close acquaintance to someone dealing with the loss of a loves one. All proceeds go to the family of Dante Daniel Warreb Copyright 2014. lyrics This afternoon dont feel the same, Without you here. My mind keep traveling too far away, Without you near. No matter how I try to concentrate, Cant think straight. And my steak still on my dinner plate, It way too late to see you if I wanted to. Dont know the day or time, That I'll catch up to you, But I promise ill be there and ima see it through. I still dont know what ima say when i see you. They all say its ok that you gone. But I feel its better if I see you at home. You made the choice that you made and yeah I know you grown. And the last time that we talked I know you felt alone. But listen, Whats up? I miss you, When I see you, Ima probably kiss you. Its been so long since I last kicked it with you, Im still storing riches for something good that I can get you. When I see you in heaven. Lately I find myself on my knees alot, Stepping in for your fam and man they need a lot. Cover your steps they dont care if its me or not, I hope they feel like you really there even though you not Times hard but get it easier to see the truth, Still cant believe it all cause i aint see the proof. And I know if you were here you couldnt stay away, But if you listened I got something I wanna say, I always pray. Whats up, I miss you, When I see you, Ima probably kiss you. I know theres so many thats up there with you, i might be mad you gone, But aint got nothing against you. When I see you in heaven All my life will race on by, Till I see you in heaven. For right now ill wave goodbye, Till I see you In heaven #audio #DaLomonze #When #I #see #you #Inspirational

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