Kill 'Em With Fire

Published by Damein Parker

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J.F.K. Didn't Even See it Coming is a two-piece just drums and bass band from the heart of North Central Ohio of the United States. Formed in 2006 by bassist Damein Parker and drummer Joshua Weimer as a side-project of the now broken up band My Last Bravado ( later changed to The Thrillogy ) it served as a fun departure from the typical Rock'N'Roll bands of the time and furthermore as a middle finger to the prevailing jam bands and screamo bands of the time. It seemed to us, that amongst all the music, scenes, and people involved, people had lost sight of the meaning behind it all. We set out to remind ourselves and those around us to relax and enjoy music. That names, scenes, cliques, and connections were far inferior to having fun and thoroughly enjoying your time both on stage and off. In a climate where egos, self-righteousness, and popularity contests reigned supreme, J.F.K. weathered many a storm and managed to carve out of piece on this earth. All songs written by: Damein Parker #audio #Rock #Two #Piece # #Punk #Metal # #Alternative #Drum # #Bass

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