Dan Schonski - Katrina's Song

Published by Dan Schonski


This is the second song that I wrote for "Ascension" back in highschool, and it is one of my go-tos for performing. I wrote it for a dear friend of mine while she was going through tough times to try and brighten her day, and remind her that I'll always be her best friend :) As far as production goes, I do see some flaws in my mix yet again, but with that said, I completely feel everything I tried to portray yet again. It's raw and low-fi kind of feel was exactly what I wanted when I heard the music in my head, and I have no regrets about it. I continue to perform this song to this day, and I still feel just as passionate about it. #music #beat #jingle #voiceover #instrumental #vocal #master #soundtrack #danschonski #Ascension #waterdown

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