DannyieBoy - Look What's Inside

Published by Dan S.

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LYRICS: I came smart into the game, my brain sustains a little trigger, that lingers around my competition, my bars are intuition, if you would only take a second to listen, then you would see the big picture, introducing you to my thoughts, locked in a chamber, maybe I'm amazed on how you came around arousingly, it's easily easy for me to see, what y'all want from me, but my appetite is delighted, deluted excuses, that you make, I'm taking my sweet sweet time, most of the time it's not necessary for me to even rhyme, get the fuck out my way cause this is my prime, find your own shine, trying to get up on mine, how are you gonna hide in plain sight, I'm still wanted dead or alive, so come and try to get me, fuck you and all of your homies, I'm calling the shots, lock your lips, sit and spin, dizzied by the reality of life, how are you gonna fight for something that you have no control over, the wait is up, you haven't made up for your fuck ups, so I've been sent to take your soul, wanting me to let you go, you better show an outrageous act, before you come back and lack in this game we call rap, ahhhhh Bridge: You no longer get to me Oh no You no longer get to me Oh no(x2) Sitting outside in the playground, I'm only five, and the only kid not playing with the rest, my back on the ground, and my chest pointing towards the sky, maybe daddy was right, maybe I was made for nothing, after all we're all born to die, so why was I brought into this life, DRIVE BY (Harmony & Voices) BITCH! Right...Right...Right As life passes by, Most of ya'll don't realize What's been happening in your life time, Open your eyes, Open your heart, and look what's inside #audio #Art #Artist #Music #Rap #Hip #Hop #Underground #pop #dannyieboy #rapper #Unsigned #look #whats #inside #skeleton #305 #miami #life #guns #violence #Violin #drug #harmony #Vocal #High #Hard #RB #Radio

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