Nobody Else

Published by Dante Jordan

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Produced by Dante Jordan 2012. Featuring Linz T. This my life as i word it, im just tryin to preserve it, flow with the current and learn it til im invited to earn it perminant placement tho my mics in the basement my voice in the song like my prints in the pavement tho rap has collapsed i aint trying to save it im just doin me like a cutie be so go ahead an ride with the my song in the deck like mirrors in your ears guess my sound just reflect i grew up in the 90s an youll never find me sayin the Carter 3 better than All Eyez On Me please we need to recognize classics sometimes learnin from the past dont mean tryin to surpass it not talkin trash its just me speakin what the pen leakin i get deep in see the cave an leap in cause goin underground means you tryin to get down and i was only brought up by the venomous sound gotta believe in yourself thru diseases we felt you nobody else dont play the roll stray you outta control you nobody else dont pretend what you not cant bend from the thought you nobody else when it all comes down youre the only one you got because your nobody else deep in thought i forgive everyone but ill never forget watevers done is done the past will never change no matter how plain or deranged i cant wipe the slate clean i dont have a time machine all i can do is cope an hope to fill my finest dreams sip wine with green smoked if times are dope tryin to find that rope called hope to hang on to cant be mad at the bullshit i gone thru i sing a song to serinate those who live long to carry weight gotta move on an bury hate im not dwellin on the rotten shit swellin in my melon no more tellin me lies disguised motherfuckers can no longer hide ive got a stronger pride and they always protect word to the lion on my family crest Dante is obsessed with completing the test beatin the bullys to flesh an defeating the rest pay attention to the text when im speakin it best cause deep in my chest each breathe is complex theres a very thin line between discreet and direct #audio #Hip Hop #Vic #Hip #Hop #Music #BC #Nobody #Else #Life #Dj #Dante #Jordan #Productions #lifted #northwest #the #other #side #of #reality #Victoria #Rap #Black #Box #this #my #life #as #i #Wave #word #perserve #it #2pac #All #eyez #on #me #lil #wayne #carter #III

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