It's About To Go Down(Ft. P-LO)

Published by Zackery Taylor

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To whom it may concern.... It's time for that "New Era" of rap. My name is Zack Taylor (rap name DatKid Smoove) and I come from a small town in Pinole, which produced artists such as Green Day, Young Bari, Iamsu, the HBK Gang, and other local "Underground" artists. As of right now, however, my main concern is getting MY TEAM consisting of local Bay Area Rappers I scrounged up, from camera men, to dj's, to producers, and hosts. But, those connections can only get you so far, until you have to take that next step into the game… And it's no joke. Nothing comes easy and if the right person could hear our music, even if we, or even one of us doesn't get signed, all we want to hear is that we have potential TO MAKE A CHANGE. Real Rap consists of real lyrics, real music…But most of all a real soul. Me….My team….My family..My city….. are all on my back, and to be the one to have left (currently a student at UNLV) and bring back a name they could be proud of, is a hard feat to accomplish. However, me and my team are giving it our all to make sure we get to where we need to get, we will be heard, we will be known… And that's all we could ask for. So if this message doesn't just go right into the spam folder, or trash, then I hope you see this. Here's a link to my mixtape, which is currently on DatPiff, HotnewHipHop, Reverbnation, and Soundcloud. Included is the HotnewHipHop link, but for other links {i.e twitter, facebook, instagram etc.} simply go on google and search " DatKid Smoove" . I'm original, so just skip that first link and the rest should be me. And I will include a youtube link, ft. Hard2Reach (my team) , however due to my location I was not in the music video, just included in the info. However, we are in the process of current projects, and are looking for the right sponser/manager. Any help would be appreciate, and if not… We gave it our best shot, and thanks for even reading. -Smoove My Mixtape (Recommend Songs: Final Regret, Payback Home, Sweet Thang, Real Talk, Kill Everything, Exotic, Spacey, and It's About to Go Down ft. HBK PLO. All guaranteed slaps however) Co-Founders Mixtape Teams Video #audio #Raphip Hop

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