Chryophase - Minimal Night Affairs Jubilee Show (Oct 2012)

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My set for the MINIMAL NIGHT AFFAIRS XXL Jubilee Anniversary show from (white channel) Set Broadcast on 13th Oct, 2012 - 5pm Berlin Standard time ( 1am local Brisbane time 14th Oct). Thanks to Frank Sharp for asking my to play on the Jubilee Show.. Much respect to you Frank for managing to get through so many, many weeks on the show, and to secure a 12 hour special on the channel..,. Track List -------------- Fabio Giannelli ~ Land Of Dreams (Original Mix) Cowboy ~ Miringroove (Original Mix) Reflux ~ A Lot Confused (Original Mix) Musta Kani ~ Aw Some M (Original Mix) Victor Ruiz ~ Take A Nap (Rework) Toby Izui & Takashi Watanabe ~ Kamigakari (DJ Wada Remix) Maceo Plex ~ Deez Nutz (Original Mix) Kyle Geiger~ Mimetic Desire (Warehouse Edit) Alex Portarulo DJ ~ My Name Is Annalisa (Original Mix) Patrex ~ Mind (Monktec Remix) Reflux ~ Limbo (Matt Minimal Strange Remix) Sasha Carassi & Mikael Jonasson ~ Void (Original Mix) Download and Enjoy... #audio #dark minimal techno #dark #minimal #techno #tech #house #night #affairs #jubiliee #anniversary #show #XXL #globalbeats #fm

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