Two Thirty Six (Mastered)

Published by Davontay Moore


Two Thirty Six - By Davon Jae (Lyrics Below) 2:36 and my pen writing while the snow falling in April/ Been up since 6 on my paper shit tryna make a mill cause I'm able/ And mentally I know I'm locked tight but the world's feeling unstable/ Its just bad plays when your last days are brought upon you damn its so fatal/ When the ones who did it weren't so committed they were sitting with you at the table/ When the one they called was your right wing that same being that birthed me/ That’s the main reason I do this shit i aint have a home that I could call my own/ That’s the second reason I do it bitch who knew that I would have such a gift/ Situations change so don't blame the system, trust your intuition thats your inner wisdom/ All these bitch niggas cant supply that shit, rich niggas cant buy that shit/ All these haters were made so you can tell who's real don't worry about em they don't know no better/ You’re too great to be fiction that’s why the people keep listening/ I can tell this is what you wanted for me to enter and defeat all opponents/ Eat em up like steak but they bologna in other words you weak and way too phony/ Everybody wanna fuck and make babies some do it just to stay within a nation/ Bodies dropping left and right this shit is crazy who ever knew id create the dreams I'm chasing/ Left foot, right, running against the pavement I guess I got tunnel vision I don't see them niggas/ When I first started with this rap shit I was 10 years old on some wack shit/ But now I'm 21 and I've just begun to really spit some shit thats so wild/ Like "damn, how you like my style? Bitch how you like me now huh?"/ Im coming up out of Indiana but it’s P.R. until I die/ Yeah thats fucking right yelling Boricua I've been a movement I had to prove it/ Are you proud of me this time around this time around I stayed focused/ That hour glass steady dropping ash and when that ash run out time is hopeless/ So I don't duck for cover I don't build a shelter no I stand calm through the motions/ The only opposer in which I see is temptation plus false emotions/ Painting all my visions over white walls so you can see just where I am going/ Reping RTF "Round Trip Flights" I pray the after life has Foldgers/ Cause I stay up I'm so way up the only thing in mind is my paper/ So don't you other rappers get it confused, I look nerdy but ill put you on the news/ When I started I aint have shit to lose, now you have to save up to catch my views/ Flowing like a cruise if you want to chase your dreams then you better hit snooze (Lil nigga I'm the truth #audio #MasteredByLANDR

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