Deejay Lay
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Surahammar V, Sweden
Last online: 1 year ago
DJ Lay is a DJ from Sweden, who has dominated the club & music industry scene., DJ Lay has proven over the years, that He can read the audience and keep them dancing. His style of music is unique & accessible. Added with experience in the club & Private parties, this DJ has begun to saturate the Club industry, with her ever adapting styles & techniques. Deejay Lay is a DJ with a long range of experience, but as late as 2007 he was classed as a professional. His love for the music is always a part of his live performances, and his amazing choice of music always creates a club feeling beyond anything else. Deejay Lay is always after to get an already euphoric audience to reach climax. Long story short - he wants you to know, as a club owner, as a guest and as a listener, that you are in for an amazing experience, something beyond your wildest dreams. Deejay Layʼs wide CD-case contains Electro-House, Progressive House, Dirty Dutch, club music and much much more. In short, he has something for everyone

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