Tehran Night #39 With Soheil Vs. Reza Golroo

Published by DeepHouse Tehran


Stay connected with Deep House Tehran Soundcloud: www.soundcloud.com/Deephouse-tehran Facebook: www.facebook.com/Deephouseiranfamily Instagram: www.instagram.com/Deephousetehran Reza Golroo has been an Electronic Music enthusiast since his early teens. He was inspired by artists like Prodigy, Aphex Twin, and the legendary Electronic Band Kraftwerk from Germany. Since discovering this sound he has been a loyal follower of this genre of music. This journey has also brought greater appreciation to the different styles of Electronic Music such as Techno, Progressive and Deep House. Reza found a way of expressing his love for this music by starting to produce it. Around 2011 he became very serious and since he has musical theory skills and knows how to play the piano it was just the logical move to try to establish his sound in dance music. Things moved very quickly for Reza, with the Dj's liking his new sound he became very well known. He has been very fortunate to work with labels such as Lenny Fontana’s imprint Karmic Power Records NYC and Eye Records Italy so early in his career. His first release "Searching" made it straight into the charts of some Big Heads of the scene. So it was not surprising to see the name of Reza in charts with some big names like Paul Oakenfold or Sasha and Robbie Rivera.This accolade is for Reza no reason to rest, but rather even more motivation to keep going. For 2016 a lot of interesting collaborations and Releases are planned. ________________________________________________________ Soheil is a smart and genuine artist. For more than 15 years, he has dedicated himself to music. He knows all the facets of contemporary music. On the decks no one deludes him. Soheil’s vast experience can be heard in each of his dynamic and diverse sets. At the age of 16 Soheil produced his first quality mix tape. One fell into the hands of Jean Claude Ades the manager of Mayer's Club. Myer’s, in the 90s a renowned house club was known beyond the borders of the city and should be the first arena Soheil stepped in, rocked the audience and convinced Thomas Heyne of his raw talent. Soheil was hired on the spot – and stood his ground next to the resident DJs Chris Montana, Filippo Moscatello and of course Jean Claude Ades. He used the opportunity to learn and to extended his musical horizons. Powered by his seemingly endless zeal he spent a lot of time in the DJ booth and studied the sets of the colleagues. Through his passion for electronic music Soheil became a famous DJ not only in his hometown of Ulm, but more and more nation-wide. Through his friend Chris Montana he met promoters and organizers on Ibiza. After a first appearance at the legendary El Divino Soheil got a contract for the entire season on the same evening of his performance. Where, if not in Ibiza, you can experience and discover music better? In those days Ibiza was not an integral part of mass media, and the DJs were not part of a marketing plan. They were able to let o

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