Nothin To See (Prod. by EOM)

Published by Defsick92

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Single by S.I.T.H (Sick In The Head) of PEMG (Petroleum Empire Media Group) Produced by EOM (Elements Of Music) FB: Twitter: LYRICS: *Verse 1* If your first words, Is you the "Prince of Poppin Tags, You better drop the topic fast, I'll Jason your face, Make you walk with a hockey mask, All of your efforts of thuggin become irrelevant, To anything I ever represent, We mob deep, Make you lose your melanin, Intelligent, Wild like a primate, Aggressive in this NY mindstate, Figured you was in the building, Till we had you fleein down the fire escape, And fallin off the ladder, The data I recieved, Shows your whole swagger is stolen, Everybody bite now, I live a copywritten lifestyle, I be scarface, You just a clipper to an eyebrow, Tryna imitate me, I gotta eliminate thee, Grab the pen cap, Off with the safety, I could rhyme a time paradox For these rappers tryna erase me, Yo, all they spit is low-calorie raps, I guarantee to spill the acid, In they battery packs..... *Hook* I aint really nothin to see, So bottom line, You don't want it with me, fall back... Shows over folks, nothin to see, Just another deceased emcee (Dearly Beloved) *Verse 2* Hallucinatin, Could've sworn I saw Satan's, Shadow on the wall, Bumpin to the beat, That I was rapin, Had to take a step back, Cause I aint tryna get into no, Paranormal altercation, Matter fact, I face em, Tell em if he interrupt my verse again, I'll kill myself just to go to hell, And then replace him, Send a wad of spit into his third eye, Dragged em by his horns, Threw em out the house like Jazz, And made the herb cry, See you don't know me, Just as well as you thought, I spit it clear, While they squawk, On some pelican talk, Bird rappers get they wings sliced off, And served in a kitchen with sauce, A meal ment for pissin you off.... *hook* Arms get chopped off, Legs get chopped off, Feet get chopped off, Toes get chopped off, Chopped and boxed off, Picked up and dropped off, If you really want it, Get castrated, and knocked off... *Verse 3* Im crazy with thought, True story, In first grade, Threatened my best friend, With a fork, When I went to 308, I had a friend Jamel, Listen here, I can't explain, Why I ripped the earring out of his ear, Sick In The Head, It pains me, To truely fit my name in this sense, But lookin back, Guess it explains in a sense, Why I chose the acryonym, Maybe there's a part of my brain, Made to be fixed, Serial spitter, Slated to spit, Executioner style, Please, even sneeze foul, Approach cautious, Or get your frame tied to four horses, I can't afford loses, Whatever it takes, Sabatogin the game, Till it severs and breaks.... #audio #Hiphop #pemg #nyoil #eom #s # #island #staten #staten #island #music #eomofficial #pemgonline #sith

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