Say What? (Prod. by razorSHARPE) (UNRELEASED)

Published by Defsick92

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This one is about a year old as of July 6th, 2013. Did it for a razorSHARPE beat tape that was never released so he let me drop it for you guys in all of it's 16 bar glory. SITH: razorSHARPE: RIGS UP! LYRICS: Yo I say it and make it real, Like a granted wish, Shorties come and see me, Cause they was told a Genie, Was in the tip of my Weenie.... Long live SITH, Stuck inside of a Universe, Of which, See he can never return, Where wack emcee's, Fill every Urn.... Turned to ashes, From Pyromaniac rhymes, That heavily burned.... A degree in the third, Like I studied this in a college, Associates, To all the papers appropriate.... Documented proof's copious.... Like a court day for Soviets caught.... I represent Staten Island, Inside the zone of New York, Where I just saw somebody get stabbed.... Walkin from the store, Blood all over the floor.... A close call, Wasn't caught in the Brawl.... Darkskinned, Six foot tall lyricist, Tryna leap for the shot.... So I can voluntarily, Leave from the block, And never have to walk through the ave, Where they blockin you, Cause they hustle all in your path, Police pass.... Say what? #audio #HipHop #sith #razorSHARPE #pemg #statenisland #hiphop #oilrigsup #rigs

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