No Skies Prod. Profetesa Beats

Published by Devan Adair


Verse 1* i gotta look up stop fucking up but im down on my luck i dont give a fuck its never enough its getting real tough trying to be a man they call my bluff why do i feel the way that i feel i feel like my feelings arent real cold to the touch covered in rust a cheap imitation of stainless steal they see my smile its in plain sight if they only knew its a fucking lie time after time they try to pry whats going on inside my mind mom dont get it pops never tried and i gotta hide it all from my girlfriends eyes my sons too young to realize his daddy's going through some tough tough times its a fucked up life for me and mine you say you need a sign well your fucking blind I got up once fell down twice lost all control on this fucked up ride 20 years young 20 years old 20 years lost 20 years cold 20 years wishing the bitch that birthed me kept her fucking legs closed i hate this place hate the chase i hate this thing called day to day i paved my way and made my lane just for it all to get torn away now im down in the dirt in a self made grave with no way out so i just decay hoping one day i can rest in peace grow some wings and fly away Chorus* Just clip my wings just let me bleed And let the sun set over me No skies today no skies tommoro Just rain clouds filled with my own sorrow Just set me free just let me be Ive already fallen off you cant catch me No skies today no skies tomorrow This is my path so dont try to follow Verse 2* the demons in the corner salivating patiently waiting its devastating they been by my side for way too long but still they aint domesticated i fucking hate it i came here fight im up all day and i work all night deprived of my dreams out of arms reach there aint a fucking thing in sight if only i could see the light i wouldnt have to go and grab a knife relieve some pressure in my life thrown on a stretcher tucked in tight i try to stay high to cope with my delusional life but something aint right somethings missing i know it is but i have no energy to focus in these folks listen and start listing the difference between fact and fiction is it a rhyme or did he live it of coarse its true i aint kidding i still live it im still livid im my own purp and my own victim i started this this darkness is colder than a carcass is walking around with a cold ass shoulder look at me wrong and ill fold ya i thought that i told ya you get no love see my love is completely over i hate that i love love that i hate im sorry son i made a mistake take it from me just leave this place theres no need to live this way #audio #DerangeD #207 #603 #603campaign #Hip #Hop #profetesa #noskies #Underground

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