D-Real - Hedgehog Coasting (Prod. Rukunetsu) (Lyrics in Description)

Published by D-Real (The Coast Crew)

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I'm happy to say I got to work with https://www.twine.fm/signin I love his work immensely. Hopefully it can be more to come. The lyrics below. hedgehog coasting "I have to say 23 aint quite up in the years, but honestly i'm thinking about cuffing this here woman whos voice is sonically pleasing my ears, standout amongst your peers girl i know you peeriless, when it comes to disrespect you won't take a pair or less or pair or more ain't it fun to spread and let your wings soar got this love that you fiend for your such a gem of a woman huh ironic im looking for emeralds be the jewel in my life for me baby gal You say i'm funny well i'm glad to amuse, you take pride in ya make up i can tell by your rouge Dont mean to be rude but i hope its not a ruse the way you trying to seduce Hope that i caught the clue the way you batting your eyes girl, got me thinkin whats in between those thigh must flows like a geyser, she suggests i invest in a visor Such humility i see that you wise girl, well rounded I aint talking bout ya tail, from your hair to your nails done well, shimmer miles when you crack a smile, got me thinking about writing vows Oh you single boo, but you done ran through a ring or two, Oh them pass relations keeping you down my dear amy your a rose, blooming up and it shows in ya soul I defend you as a whole put my knuckles up and fight for you Ride for you, know the whole world you entitled to In room E- 103, the gamma radiating from grammer could light a candle While i'm grabbing on her handles, I go big in the cat fapp fapp lay her flat now she scratching my back , you'll never be in my shadow, in chaos control battle of minds, intertwines in ya vines and its fine, got me out of my head man, 6 months later now we talking about a eggman" #audio #Rukunetsu #DReal #Dreamboi #Sonic

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