D-Real - Nag Champa (Prod. J Dilla) (Tribute) (Lyrics in Description)

Published by D-Real (The Coast Crew)

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Just a tribute track to some of my inspirations. Seriously if I hadn't heard these people I wouldn't be rapping at all. Much love to all. D-Real Lyrics: "yes yes yall rock rock yall this that move ya soul music, boom bap from the tomb rap yea the groovy cats use it, don't hate cause ya flow is sterile, My voice it projects and eject projectiles aiming at your heart like cupid, don't think love is a nuisance New sense of love for this music, I'll change ya life if I insert my two cents get what i'm tryna say hun, uplift your spirit like a seance from ghetto's to meadows , in churches falsettos ring out to my fellow brothers whether afros or kufee's low cuts or young kings with the rubies Or a true black beauty I mean truly afrocentric, Young dreaded lioness open up and lye in this space of love and align with the stars belt of orion you are marvelous beauty by far now thats official, sign off this rhyme with my initials thats a signature phrase, But homage I pay, like contrar munfrer don't you even go their, me without a mic is like a beat without a snare I dare to tear into your ego, miss lauren hill spitting knowledge to ya temple I'd love to think we all equal, but primitive laws of man enslave they own people now thats word to nihilus nuke a nigga karma for the violence Just wanna be happy like carlton, getting down to tom jones grooving on the carpet Not constant disrespect like jabberjaw that type a piss me off mess around and jab ya jaw we want peace right, and this hip hop right, and I'm an emcee right right Getting lost in my complexity sorceress curse and hexing me, truly lost and it's vexing me trying to manifest destiny, despite your wicked plans i get my green and fly like peter pan no your blows will never land, Cause now i'm lacking courtesy get rich or die trying yea I finally see what curtis see Cause People trying to press me with offences dalley with this fencer double edge line caught up in my pincer striking all your senses, you'll need a census, just to tally up my victims You lacking Verbal artillery call up your malitia war is not an issue call me mr ginsu tearing up your instu-mental needs a senzu bean from the cuts thats i give you, food for thought for the average kids Your bars are anirexic, It's clear to see where the famon is. Now thats hip hop right Yeah I'm an emcee right " #audio #DReal

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