FoePound & D-real - Samurai Swing (Prod. DJ Walkin'Maat 愛曲) (Lyrics in Description)

Published by D-Real (The Coast Crew)

  • 1 credits & The Coast Crew (FoePound & D-Real) Have come together to bring you a fun track about courting a female with the ways of the samurai, lol. But seriously it's just a fun track we hope you all can enjoy. Also this is first release for our upcoming project EA Metropolis. D-Real Lyrics : "huh see pound play by the numbers i play by martial hearts its ju jitsu when i kiss you bet you tingle just a little as we mingle check my lingo you divine, by design, submit yo mind as i frisk you your behind is a crime, girl the blind couldn't miss you girl you shine so refined got me crying need some tissue ooh enter the artistry where i paint you the heart of men young artisan crafting seduction show you the art of sin parden him cause his vocab edward scissor hands sharp might slice ya pants how can this young man make ammends for your damaged skin she say she wan some cut uh well thats more than simple take one swing from my sword she couldn't handle my kendo some how im creeping with this bird on some creepy ish my friends always told me they'd eat your heart out promethius story teling at bonfires, pulling all nighter the way you robin my heart girl you must be starfire this dark nighter invading gowns, clown is all tied up im such a joker, but girl you know i meant well now turn around and ride me like a harley quinzel" #audio #dj miel #foepound #dreal

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