FoePound & D-Real - Toonami Coasting (Prod. By FoePound) (Lyrics in Description)

Published by D-Real (The Coast Crew)

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I (D-Real) really had fun with this track, so did , you kinda get where this track is going by the title, lol. We've always wanted to express that even if you come from the hood doesn't mean you didn't have a childhood. We took the positives from all the negatives. We remember rushing from school, staying up late just to catch our toons. Don't want to ramble, hope you guys enjoy thanks for all the love. D-Real Lyrics Toonami coasting "fireworks damn girl your miss hanabi, your eyes surely shine in the night are you usagi english may call you serena you know queen of the moon sailing the stars defining just what you are jamiriquai space cowboy modern day spike spiegel amigo with nice lingo faye we might mingle if you in that tight single, my valentines quite regal now pimpings in my genes but baby girl you should starwind, a movie where this outlaw leaves it all for his darling bravado of johnny bravo we do the monkey you'll wallow feel pleasure until tommorrow you didn't know what would follow, cause baby girl you don't know jack samurai swinging his sword almost broke your back, so vamos to all those aku's, the way we talk youd think, me and pound ed and eddie looking for those double d's know we got them jaw breakers if you try to mess with me cherie amour" #audio #foepound #dreal

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