D-Real - Fallen (prod. by tkdwn.) (Lyrics in Description)

Published by D-Real (The Coast Crew)

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https://www.twine.fm/signin & D-Real have come together to bring you a sad tale of betrayal. Based on my (D-Real) real life, I can say I know how something like greed can come between a friendship sad to say the same people who shamed ou then come back to ask for help later, once you here the end of the song, you'll see I'm just not so forgiving. Hope you guy's enjoy. Shout out to https://www.twine.fm/signin for the mix. Lyrics: Hey how you doing, is it change your pursuing Heard that fame leads to ruin, either way you’re a nuisance oh oh What happened to our relations seems now it just salutations Goodbye on every occasion, funny thought we we're friends Turns out you were the fakest, you used me for ventilation Quaking your life was shaken I’d help you out with the mazes of life Labyrinth of avarice it simply amazes me how crowded your palace gets When malice kills these adults should have paced them selves Battle over shallow currency what’s the perks of wealth When you can't pay for happiness, guess it hurts to sell Your friendship short for what money, damn this shit aint' funny Give advice for your vices I knew that life was a vice grip Enticed by Château's and gleam, ineptitude dream of life cluttered with green Your jaded I see you’re fated to crawl beseeching well im appalled So ima watch you fall I’m not the nicest of them all So ima watch you fall #audio #tkdwn #dreal #concept #Hip #Hop

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