D-Real - Minor Problems (Prod. datfootdive学生) (Lyrics in description)

Published by D-Real (The Coast Crew)

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Me(D-Real) and https://www.twine.fm/signin have come to bring you a somewhat humorous story that you'll hear in just a sec, lol. Lets just say sometimes your friends have Minor Problems ;) Thank you all, hope you enjoy my crazy ass stories, shit half of it's real(scary right, lol). S/O to https://www.twine.fm/signin for the mix with his evil ass. Lyrics "Now let me introduce you to this modern day Adonis, to the ladies he's the fondest Always fondle his pajamas bragging about his anaconda be slithering in her garden Grass could be low or tall no matter he's mowed me all London Bridge he made her in love with his southern drawl From French kisses to his misses, just add to his digits Entrepreneur investing in new diners, he's tired of his old dishes he needs him some new china dolls Pause for applause he swindled up in their draws, he claims a double header your such a two timer Spit game hella vicious remind you of shoe shiners, rhetoric so polished I think I need new grammar For these new mama jama's claiming I’m to mannered, my partner tell me don't worry He got us a new plan ah, check ya time cause you snooze you lose gotta be the rock to these roody poo's you know an electrifying cat what a jolteon See I marvel at the player pizazz he showing, cause lately his morals drifting to place unknowingly (im just worried for him word up) He was suited for the attraction tailored to your infatuations , happy belated it's clear to see you elated To see me up in ya place and I know that you been gazing, your oh so dreamy boy well girl keep dream chasing I know it may seem blatant, but baby girl please face it, you need some esteemed caking, your sweet tooth been aching My dear Ciara your head deserves a tiara, my mighty queen of the night, tuxedo mask coming here to Take you onto huh the town of tinsel, no # 2 pencil come test my utensil, My partner hit me up told me everything went well, oh yeah she 15 that’s just a minor detail" #audio #dreal #datfootdive #Jazz #Rap #Fusion

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