D-Real - Little Drummer Boy (Prod. by Tensor) (Lyrics in Description)

Published by D-Real (The Coast Crew)

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I know it's been a while I hope the wait was worth it. This track was honestly inspired by 3 things, The Nutcracker(I was in the play as a child), My friend Tensor, and Andre 3000. This song means a lot to me never did it quite like this before. I'd like to take the time to thank my crew who helped me grow the most. The Coast Crew(https://www.twine.fm/signin & https://www.twine.fm/signin and my boi https://www.twine.fm/signin Now go follow those drums, lol. (sidenote, Tensor you the man) Prod.https://www.twine.fm/signin Artwork: Fractured Fractals www.facebook.com/FracturedFractals (Lyrics) I'm D-Real how are you today what a lovely smile that you have up on your face Haven’t seen such grace in a while oh my chivalry has you giggling Inner child show you digging me Well if ya digging hope you found gold please don't let ya shoulder be cold Ms. Shivers you will surely fall in love behold my quiver, one arrow to the heart you'll be so love sick My girl showing off cupid’s artistry, love portraits I'm obviously so infatuated Cause your wondrous lady well Alice lets go and wonder lands Peter pan lets travel to a place they'll Neverland Tired of desert nigga's and they dry ass conversation, well baby I’m an oasis, come drink to you satiated Forget them lame dudes who play by the same tune let me change melody like parapapumpum Parapapumpum follow the beat of my drums (parapapum) (hook) well ok it seems that d-real's a little drummer boy Susie screw heard that your frisky well let's get busy boo come play this mister's game & watch as I hit from behind hammer her all you see is 9's kill it every time who'd ever thought I'd pursue a young Medusa petrified by the bat of her eye I'm such a stoner marijuana in my system now I don't mean to pry but I'm just hoping somehow that you'll provide girl why you lonely I can Cleary tell your heart has went numb the cost of feeling is too much to quell the taste of her tongue it all went sour, instantly I see a picture of plums that fruit ain't ripe yes Andre 3k played a part in my young upbringing stories tale unveiling as we sip on our rum I see ya drunk, but we've succumb to the ole taint as we kiss, convictions thrown away the moment we caress and you strip You see I'm swerving as ride my hands right down your hips such dangerous curves oh my god I just observe what's the words to describe such attractions man I differ to my lustful instincts and fall tonight to a succubus, succulent sensations of sin, its just must for us Maybe it is or ain't meant to be, our music an orgasmic symphony so parapapumpum follow the beat of my drums #audio #tensor #dreal #coast #crew #little #drummer #b #Hip #Hop #Jam #Jazz

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