D-Real & Von Gerard - Badu Swing/Soul Clever (Lyrics in Description)

Published by D-Real (The Coast Crew)

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Me & https://www.twine.fm/signin (My Brother) have to come together to simply express our soul & love for music. For us Ms.Erykah Badu is the personification of Beauty & Soul. So today we express our selves in a fitting manner. The original Song is Erykah Badu - Clever check that. P.S. (D-Real mixed this, a more polished version of this song is scheduled to be released later) D-Real Lyrics Below : hey hey ------ they say i don't put enough bars in it well if i did you'd get drunk and fall in it word oh no boi they could never do this Rhymes electrocuting shocking knowledge find your retribution yes I aim for quality whats your resolution fps capped at 3 no I would never use it claim to know good but you've never known better than the average equivalents of babies without their flaccids dick headed bastards oooo ooo chill vulgar vulgar I'm sorry I'm so passionate but this about my culture rap game full goo gaas I swear they need some strollers, don't ask me for collabs, pacifiers are not dealt, don't pamper shitty raps, they suck among-st them self their Guerrero(They lie, they cheat and steal, R.I.P. Eddie Guerrero) if it helps they'll go below the belt, like damn but my wife she never lied to me , since the age of the stoner's indulging in marijuana left ms flintstone bed rock soaking performing Fornication oh it seems you need an explanation her demeanor was the rhythm and the bass was her bum I wanna squeeze each cheek on my ears when she bumps freaky right heard her beat then my pen erects literary boner guess the ink was the semen splattered every single corner of this paper yeah it's nasty reverse of what I wrote see I'm classy teaching lessons of the struggle neat investments how to get up off the block, cause their clearly playing tetris pottery is what I wrote character in every mold personality's the font then my formats surely bold exposing every lie they told what is truth and if it's sold whats the cost for me to grow wiser please tell me the pros see I've heard about this globe ironically the world spinned by my values it'd break your whole economy your system is a con to me tricking all these brains a simple melody all it took for me to change, effectuation with rulers whats the measure of success. am I inching towards the blessed praying every night I rest, effectuation with rulers whats the measure of success. am I inching towards the blessed praying every night I rest, #audio #dreal #von #gerard #badu

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