D-Real - Think It Over (Prod. Chase The Vagabond) (Lyrics in Description)

Published by D-Real (The Coast Crew)


Chase The Vagabond & D-Real have come together to send a simple message, Life can be long or short, but it's yours. So make the most of it & before you make a life changing choice think it over. D-Real Lyrics : "I think they need a hero, we all start from zero Enter the councious of another poor soul lost in this non sense steady searching for light, but darkness seems to conquer thinking about his child got him going bonkers his baby moms tripping need money like every week, he ask where it goes, she never shows the receipts found she spent it on a man, he takes his son and leave, would of been a relief, but his currencies obsolalete now he has to find another way for both of them to eat, johnny storm on his hip looking for something to flame on game on when he's sees your jewelry and your mink son, mad torn he know that his daddy played by the same song tries to change his tune cause look where that sent him, don't want to be a jail house bird flocking with him dont give up i know the world on your shoulders, I'm just telling you son think it over. now to jazebel, fam claims she's a whore out late everynight, think she sleeping like door to door got dumped by favorite boy, he treated her like a toy you lonely and unemployed, your vices are such a ploy to cut your wrist for relief, now theirs blood on the sheets lost in sorrow you weak, using pills as a cheat to end your self on this week, thinking it could be over you drunk girl take a nap and think it over don't won't any regrets when you pass over yeah yeah yeah just think it over" #audio #chase the vagabond #dreal #foepound

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