Douglasville, United States
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Hey! My name is Jarin Lawson. I’m a guy with a camera in one hand and in the other a natural and crafted passion. Ive always loved photography from the time i picked up my first camera and eventually learned, developed proper skill in handling and using different cameras. I’m a Frelance photographer so i shoot and work all over and do all kinds of photography and shoots.

So far what I’ve done is create a platform to place some of my work and cultivate clients and its gone well so far, I’ve gotten a few clientele and now I’m looking to widen out and reach more people to work with.

The work i do with my clientele is whatever they are looking for, all currently look for portrait shots, but some have requested to work in a studio i shoot at called Cam Kirk Studios and others have requested street shoots where we walk around to certain spots in Atlanta, Douglasville, Downtown Douglasville and take pictures there.

Im great to work with because i don’t put a lot of pressure on the model, some people that want to take pictures don’t know how to pose or they are unsure on what to do so i like to create a friendly environment, get to know the people i shoot with, develop some type of basis on knowing them because it not only makes the environment better for the shoot and makes the shoot theme work and process better but it also puts the people i shoot with at ease. I also have worked on directing and giving poses to my models, that’s also an important skill to develop and have i think because as mentioned before if ones don’t know how to pose or they’re unsure on what looks good i can give them ease of mind and direct them during the shoot.

This is just a little of what i do and how i do it, please contact me if threes any questions or interest in working together, I’d greatly appreciate it.

Day rate:
USD $ 50
What I Make:
Industry Experience:
Other, Media & Entertainment
Gear & Software Experience:
Adobe Photoshop ( Intermediate )
Adobe Illustrator ( Intermediate )
Adobe Premiere Pro ( Intermediate )
Adobe After Effects ( Intermediate )