Audio Affair Broacast 080 - Diarmaid O Meara

Published by Diarmaid O Meara | DOM1 | Gobsmacked Rec


We are currently celebrating finishing our tenth year of Gobsmacked, and this episode of Audio Affair features a selection of tracks from both 10 Year Underground volumes. Make sure you check out the artists and follow them if you like the music. Should you want to get your hands on the extremely limited edition USB featuring 74 tracks, go here: Hackler & Kuch, Les Libres - Tartarus Mas Teevah - Peyote Luke Creed - Numerology Patrick DSP - Domination - Ryuji Takeuchi Spark Taberner - Hunt - Mike Humphries Remix Space Djz - Visions Of The Past Karl Cullen - Ego Killer Scouts In Bondage - Codes Dj Kamikaze - Fat Funk Flav - Mike Abloom Remix Angel Alanis & Diarmaid O Meara - Konskript George Lanham - IDFKA Luke Creed, Karl Cullen - Dirty Bass Oliver Kucera - Dr. Sample Sceptical C - Wegdromen Tachini - Stimula Sax Diarmaid O Meara - In Your Head #audio #Techno #Techno #Hard #Techno #Album #compilation #Audio #Affair #Gobsmacked #Diarmaid #O #Meara

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