Chronic WordSmith (prod. Purgatory of Souls)

Published by DisMissedFit

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Purgatory of Souls did the beat, get to know him, he always delivers Bars: Well as far as these bars go? We are who we are bro. I’ve just got an embargo on these lyrics in the cargo Trying to go far though Maybe pass them stars go straight through black holes into a galaxy where my heart would act whole, to explore this soul, and only seek musical growth, also spiritual though, for sure yo, that’d be uh, real nice, but instead I just DNA splice, and act like I’m half that type. Though in spite of the facade, I’ll throw an applause to those who stand up for a cause, and still keeping it raw. Gravity wasn’t shit til we made it a law. Tragedy isn’t shit when you know how truly blessed that you are. It’s quite bizarre, & I’m Doctor Strange Like Obama handing out quarters (to the public?) and really bringing some change. But I ain’t looking for who to blame, Or even making my name. But you telling me you wouldn’t take a bet with a hand full of spades? Not one day I been payed for these tracks that I slayed. Came back with Medusa’s head, snake danced her to bed with lines off the radio instead Of rocking the mic, till she saw the strength of Hercules by the way that he fight I ain’t even had one damn night of good sleep alright. So I continue to write down the dreams of the forgotten. From the pen of the RIghteous And the birds who jumped off the cliff even though they were flightless. And each demon in my path I left lifeless, giving myself chills with these words that I’m typing. So lets get this movement hyping. Where my fam in the bay getting hyphy. Here’s the thing, I swear don’t care if you like me or not. But when you hear me spit do you also get lost in thought? Tell me every word you wanna say before it all get forgot. I’ve been climbing for years and still no sight of the top. When death comes a knocking I swear I’ll be prepared to get got. But first I still got at least one more verse to drop. Tell me if you sense the thirst or not. I’m a wolf in wolf’s clothing so don’t act surprised when you start Fear and Loathing I’ll play Johny Deep Raps. Every time I try to quit writing it’s like a moment and relapse. My rhymes are like Snapple we only love em’ for what’s under the caps. That be the facts. Don’t try and Shazam, for you won’t find who I am, the same way you would listening to just one of these jams. I leave jammed in your Noggin. These shit is still potent even though the toilets been clogging. The forbidden fruit we ate was still rotting for the same second we was coughing trying to forget about our coffins. And mummify the mind. With creativity in it’s prime. I give five senses less than a nickel Without them paying a dime. I think it’s bout time, we all show some love for Octopus Prime

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