Signs (prod. Handbook)

Published by DisMissedFit

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Wrote this sick in a fit of inspiration last night. Much love for Handbook and these next level beats he keeps dropping. And special thanks for putting these up for free download. That's all for the love of music The original instrumental is titled Spirits link: Lyrics: I'm overlapping these dude that ya'll think out there rapping It's funds versus passion World shifts in our grip while lost in a land I imagine Langston Houghes when this poet start spazzing on any beat that be blasting The sun keeps crashing I pay respect to the moon and shift to the beast We seen the disguise what you got underneath? We all at war, but somehow I found peace & I'll be at this for years, months stretch from weeks Won't present my thoughts w/ strength if I ever thought they were weak This is more a way of life than a way that I speak Ya'll getting the picture? The revolution won't be televised, so keep writing these scriptures and let em chase paper while I keep rocking scissors. Let em chase paper boy we keep rocking scissors (x3) ............... We keep rocking scissors I felt the chill of the blizzard and the grit of my teeth Held onto each syllable like stuttering the speech This is food for thought and everybody gonna eat. Fuck it, I'll just make it a feast Unleashed the ill mind of a guy walking through life with his mind in the sky Shakras open wide, peek through the third eye connect with mankind. Cause I can see the divides clear as the San Andreas Fault Line. We'll be ready for change once ego's are set aside & cops killing kids won't find a 9 to 5 Cause selectively loving life ain't right and the shit on the news has kept me up all god damn night No tossing and turning, just hunched over the notepad while this fire keep burning Cause I validate my freedom with everyday I be learning Validate our freedom with our right to keep learning #audio #HipHop #Handbook #DisMissedFit

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