Art For Art's Sake (prod. Handbook)

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Art for Art’s Sake Lyrics: love is the news from the latest faceless c-average critique of the A list watch greatness shape-shift into whatever we make it so basic of a concept, no nonsense for profits define us by whats in our heart’s not in our pockets my mind is a rocket not just shit that I’m talking got the target so locked in, I’m being fueled off exhaustion what was the problem to start with? Isolating a market, planted the seeds now the season to harvest yes life is hard but whats really the hardest ripping the price tag off and seeing the inner artist Please lets be honest, I’d explode from all this fakeness Music is it’s own validation plastic physical shape-less waste of potential I’ll take the way of the Samurai if I lose this battle with my pencil Real life just got suspenseful, no drama I’ll Dali Lama the path to success Starts with enlightenment, then knowing your blessed from every breath leaving this chest, my only investment is to the music and people cause without them both I’d be lost in the corporatized sequal of education systems the later being the greater evil Please spill your mind, mines leaking on the page every time that I write I just freestyle and type to instrumentals like paint trace the footsteps of latter day saints until my carbon footprint is etched in the same way Let’s do this for each other instead of hopes to get paid Talent aint minute made it takes practice Stay tuned to existence, no pills just muscle relaxants No flexing we look best when we let it all hang out I walk in the rain so I can really feel the end of the drought #audio #Hip Hop #Handbook

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