Project Zen (prod. Night Society)

Published by DisMissedFit

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Toby, you're the man for making me this killer beat! Lyrics: Supernova, I'll be the super soldier not thinking like he's supposed to. Awoke to this life passing by necessity out weights the demand I gotta know, who got the supply? My samurai double-edged blade has been sharpened. The underground marksman refuse your feast if my brother's are starving I'm exploiting the errors they left hidden in the margin. My soul and songs were never sold I ain't begging for pardons. Approached the promise land with consciousness. Awake to your surroundings and control your cognitive abilities and this agility maneuvering through soliloquy's like poetry's fertility would ever get recognized commercially.. Naw.. hence this insurgency, rap game stuck up in a state of emergency. When mass appeals measured by currency and currently this man's on an impossible mission reminiscing on the days we used to listen. Somehow the cancers still in remission, hard not to stand out when you never did fit in. Won't follow false prophet imposters this truth talker straight knock em' off their rocker the muse move through my medulla oblongata. Ya'll adding zero utility then brand it like prada. This improper poetry with potency the plan is set in motion, see to drain the populace emotionally. Sit in silence until I vocally crush those who opposing he who drowns the darkness with light. Innovation means progress while insanity just repeats the stereotypes. And your stereo might just be the vessel to reconnect with paradise. yeah... but paradise stays lost in the mind of a cynic rewrite history with prolific lyrical hieroglyphics engraved in the hearts of those who live it... we'll always be a DisMissedFit And Hip Hop's a ghost we only hope will revisit. They keep murdering men of peace, but genius will be unleashed through a master piece of perspective. Fixing botched homicide cases with True Detectives. Knowledge is power and my application of it is selective. The fool's road is paved with gold, offers misdirection. To spread the infection, and confirm no ones overstepping boundaries of their impressions by acting yourself. They tell you that your "self" won't sell to everyone else which assumes you need validation, now you trapped in the spells. My imaginations an ocean, come get tossed by the swell #audio #Rap #DisMissedFit #Night #Society #Hip #Hop #Underground

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