Microphone Fiend (prod. Mr. Green)

Published by DisMissedFit

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Probably the fattest lyrically packed track I've ever written. I was amped off this joint, hope everybody enjoys it! Lyrics: Toxic lyricist spew spit venomous, left to the right grip the mic ambidextrous Check the prowess of a Hip Hop nebulas, nimbus clouds marking the exodus Manifesting the apprehensiveness of the reflection I mean my old arch nemesis. Animalistic sickness got the West Nile Virus, afterlife I be chilling with Osiris. Copious amounts of smoke straight filling up the sinus, social pariah rip open your eyelids meditational silence as I write this, metamorphic transforming Dr. Jekyll to Mr. Hyde Immortalized through the rhymes, watch the body oxidize, dopeness epitomized Personified to fight an industry that got misogyny and violence monopolized. Listen as the whole damn system detoxifies, jog the mind or scrutinize the poet Slug said "when life gives you lemons, man you paint that shit golden” Emperor got the titles, but power rests in the hands of the Shogun. So as these words get spoken, Best to drop any preconceived notions, got the chronic like Nate & Dre on XXplosive But this ain’t just West Coast shit, rep the whole planet understand it Sink the ship, take em’ deep as Atlantis, this talent won’t be mismanaged And these goods ain’t that damaged, just aggravated seeing ignorance running rampant That’s why every line is so cohesive & coherent, cause I refuse to inherit a straightjacket version of my potential, flow sharp as guillotines off the head with no pencil Underground tunnel running through your residential, egregious abuse of these instrumentals And I assure you the matrix is symmetrical. Low brow intellectual, I’m William Wallace a Braveheart protecting a culture, mixed with Icarus if he could’ve harnessed the solar. Stay ready when Judas aims between the shoulders Got machine men running like motors. #audio #Rap #Hip #Hop #DisMissedFit #Mr #Green #Lyricism

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