Mr. Nice Guy (prod. Analogic)

Published by DisMissedFit

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bars: Mr. Nice Guy gone an' snap your fucking neck off the head nod demigods rapping off the dome like it’s improv defraud the whole system same shit I been on I’m a fucking monster with the mic divide and conquer paracites ya’ll ain’t got a fair shot at life like fucking with spermicide Lets put all the bull shit aside I modified the pressure applied to the mental crucified every word I spit to the instrumental quantified physics leave em bleeding like menstrual deadly cycle, garbage rappers get tossed out and recycled put em out quicker than guzzling litters of nyquil Shadows cloaking rap disciples, the spiteful get a taste of the insightful, delightful Hypnotist turning beats suicidal, flat line the vitals of america’s idols with speech diabolic classified verbalize focus chronic shit after I toke this lines flying over heads like the lotus shit the vocal potent poet stay’s unknown underground flow that’s the definition of dope Seeing true colors peek through the kaleidoscope we ain’t tripping off dough that's word to one be lo we blasting out the cosmos so status quo is no longer applicable, despicable individual sticking with the visceral damage is critical dialect inexplicable so don’t bother trying to explain it I’m acid raining on their parade and mainstream flows I just drain it there will be no hiatus from greatness in the making think nice guys finishes last ya’ll be sadly mistaken earthquaking the games leave your stereos shaking #audio #Hip Hop #Rap #J #Dilla #DisMissedFit #Underground

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