Lost in Thought (prod. Bast.The.1)

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https://www.twine.fm/signin Hip Hop is a lifestyle.. Lyrics: ripping through bars this shit is getting straight mechanical intangible methods of a wild animal left stray to weather the storm another day, word play straight hallucinogenic Something in DNA and genetic make up imbedded, I dissect it, experiments for science while the authorities kicking down my door for lack of compliance. on these lyrical riots, ain’t stopped since the day I first tried it. Even though no doctors would prescribed it, I got that fucking medicine. Home remedy passed on from the next of kin. The fire never dwindling within the walls of this chest. Rip my heart out from within and place it under cardiac arrest while the rest hold their breath. Your anxieties ain’t getting me stressed, and my jaw is the only muscle getting flexed, still ain’t impressed or second guessed the first impression. Entitled to your perception of this matrix we refer to as reality. I just casually space out of this galaxy. Catch this abnormality in another dimension seeking mental majesty moving towards progression. They want truth give me a beat and blunt session. Sick sipping on the cure while I spread the infection. I drew out the dots the connection lines out the cross on which hip hop is resurrected. Style defines Lazurus, disastrous show love to the father how could I ever live blasphemous grammatik tactics with the lyrics to back it, damn right it took a lot of practice there ain’t one strict definition for what we consider addicts when I grab the mic I’m just unpacking all of my baggage so ya’ll could get to know me through your speakers no physical features involved, the facade has dissolved the mask is off, so blast off with us aboard this rocketship off the grid so far from metropolis, our imagination has become so prosperous, if you living on earth, we all ready on top of the world, since your birth now what’s that information worth? #audio #Hip Hop

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