With Or Without (prod. Bast.The.1)

Published by DisMissedFit

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exclusive beat produced by the homie Bast.The.1 lyrics: This stories stuck on the climax As I inject each track with anthrax the smokestacks. Dr. Suess nicknamed me the Lorax, I speak for the trees or the trees speak through me intertwined in the psyche that redefined victory with serendipity intrinsically, blissfully aware of the state of ignorance coated with indifference statute of limitations on our own significance heres the gift of deliverance from the day to day struggles the harder the hustle, the dog who straight chewed through his muzzle Zeus storming these flows absorbing the puddles voice was the missing piece of the puzzle Barney Rubble take a dinosaur to work pull a joker tattoo this smirk to my face and caption bubble the verse over bass laced every line & sentence fragment to provide direction for the stagnant Release the crakon, work vertebraes and leave em with a back spasm and keep this shit slapping When I’m rapping it’s a the realest version of that quiet soft spoken person brain bursting from lack of justifications shadowing the deprivation of larger half of these nations reformulate this equation, but I’m no mathematician just a misfit who gives no fucks for tradition understand this human condition got you bitching about first world issues grow up or grab a fucking tissue cause when the truth hits you it straight up splits through the pills and all the booze that used to keep us distracted and amused we’ve reached a crossroads which path do you choose? Is it the red pill or the blue? Depends on what you believe you got to lose. #audio #Hip Hop

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