All About The Rap (prod. Bast.The.1)

Published by DisMissedFit

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Lyrics: I wrote this song five minutes past four twenty to assure my imagination got stocked with plenty of OG kush don’t test me, Cause all that big talk don’t really impress me their words lack flavor and my shit be sounding zesty the best be up for debate, so heres my update on the underground train running through my brain on a path to insanity from a lack of interest in vanity they banashed me within the walls of my head damn they fucked up cause it rewarded me instead with a deeper perception, second shot at redemption a new reality with room for invention it don’t gotta be the greatest cause our failures are what made us creators of our fate now luck ain’t even sounding that great oh wait, back to outer space. remember i insinuated I was high please don’t drag me low, we all know how past relationships all go and how we hate to remember other people also grow till these days get referenced as the days of old they sure feeling like the golden days though Sorry Edgar Allen Po’s I keep my vibes happy and don’t blame me it’s just these lips seem to never stop flapping and these sorry fly rappers keep on flying when I’m so obviously snapping like a venus fly trap, watch me evolve and adapt how could I not with beats this fat? sounding like we on some RATATAT know we got it like that. know we got it like that see we never open presents we all about the wrap never open presents we all about the rap this is how some addicts relapse on the daily said fuck it if nobody wanna pay me why would I let that shit phase me when I’m too busy praising all the rappers who made me and continually making this planet a place worth saving imaginary throne up for grabs and its ours for the taking my only regret is every minute spent waiting I redefined waiting as time wasted run out of patience as we watched every grain of sand in the hourglass drop kinda funny how underground always comes out on top real talk hip hop was never dead just a few of us forgot the spirits coming back I could feel it when I write some shit anybody could be stealing and all it would really do is keep spreading the feeling you will now test positive for the crack that I’m dealing #audio #Hip Hop #stoner #4 #20 #rap #DisMissedFit

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